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New beginnings

Hello everyone, welcome to arkansas-prepper-network.org

This website is currently experiencing some changes; some have even called it "growing pains".

The Arkansas Prepper Network as it was has been dissolved. Now, this site is in transition as a private forum provider for any and all prepper groups in the state of Arkansas and it's surrounding communities. However, this will be a premium feature of this site which will be affordable to anyone.

Without registering for premium services, you can still register for free to enjoy access to educational articles, news from around the state, and possibly other features that are in the works. The free services will not have an available forum, only a private chat option.

As far as the existing forum information. If you know of some information you would like to copy and save, now is the time. This website will be down for approximately two weeks starting on 3-28-14 while the changes are being initiated.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may be to you.


Robert Porter


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